Benahavis Bus Service

Benahavis Bus Service

Please find below an update on where the Ayuntamiento de Benahavis are with regard to any changes in the bus service for the municipality.

Who currently is the bus service provider for Benahavis?

The national bus carrier “Portillo” has practically the monopoly of services on national roads and this includes the Benahavis service. Having seen the population of the municipality increase over the years the Ayuntamiento recognise that the twice a day service may be regarded as inadequate for today’s Benahavis. To this effect, several meetings have been held with Portillo where the Ayuntamiento have asked that a more frequent bus service be made available from the village to San Pedro. Portillos´ stance is that they appreciate the population increase but their view is that passenger traffic would not increase sufficiently on the Benahavis village route to warrant an improved service.

What can Benahavis do?

Since the completion of the new Ronda road link, Benahavis does have another access and exit option other than the A7175, and perhaps Portillo will look at a link from Benahavis along this road. The Ayuntamiento are continuing to talk with Portillo offering this route, within the Benahavis boundaries, as an option for their service.

When may there be a change to the current situation?

We have been talking with Portillo for almost 2 years now and we shall continue negotiating. In the meantime a study is being undertaken, by the Ayuntamiento, to ascertain whether it would be economically and practically viable to augment the existing Portillo service with an Ayuntamiento subsidised bus service.

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